Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Jan. 16

TSA: So Sorry! NY Daily News reports an about-face by the TSA – they no longer insist “all procedures were followed” in the case of two elderly ladies who said they were strip-searched last November. Money quote: “It is not standard operating procedure for colostomy devices to be visually inspected.” However, the TSA continues to insist no strip occurred. The ladies disagree. Who to believe?

How about ‘No Strip-Search International’? They’re making improvements to Ohio’s Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, and they might change the name, too. Sadly, nothing zippy like ‘Fly-Right Airport’ – they’re thinking more along the lines of ‘Northeast Ohio Regional.’ While the debate rages among politicos, locals say, “What difference does it make?” Hey, at least they’re not calling it SUX.

Unruly Champagne-Seeking Passengers. The AP says a Delta flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica diverted to Tampa on Sunday to dump off a couple of allegedly “unruly passengers.” Supposedly the husband-and-wife duo made a stink by standing up and demanding champagne. They say, it never happened. The husband, by the way, is a lawyer.

Reminder: Don’t Make Bomb Threats to Airlines. Speaking of lawyers, hope the Lynwood, California,woman who called in a bomb threat to AirTran has a good one. She faces 5 years in the slammer at sentencing in April after confessing to the crime. Motive? She thought her husband was flying off to see another woman.

Bye-bye, AirTran! Low-cost carrier AirTran is dropping service from these six airports as of Aug. 12: Allentown, Harrisburg, Lexington, Sarasota, Huntsville and White Plains. Southwest, AirTran’s new master, says they can’t make a go of it because of the high cost of fuel. Feel free to insert expletive of choice here.


Published: January 20, 2012