Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Feb. 6

Avast, mateys! A cannonball from a sunken ship circa 1700s prompted an airport evacuation in Ft. Lauderdale. Seems ancient cannonballs can be ‘explosively viable’. Who knew?

Lamest Reason Ever to Go on Strike. Air France pilots and flight attendants protest new rules governing protests.

Hello, Ms. Sexy Super Model? Travel habits by phone brand: Blackberry – Big Spender. iPhone – Romantic Shopper. Android – Adventurer. Guess which phone model-magnet Virgin-founder Richard Branson uses?

TSA Stripper. Woman takes off clothes at security to protest – wait – this was in New Hampshire? Sorry, too cold to even think about nakedness.

Watch out, Mickey! TSA found loaded guns in Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minneapolis, Nashville, Phoenix, Toledo, Tulsa and – Orlando.

Hair Scare: A TSA pat-down of Gabrielle Union’s (Bad Boys II) weave revealed it to be chic and non-lethal.

And the Oscar Goes To … You. Passengers on a Chicago-to-Los-Angeles flight on Thursday were treated to 42 extra seatmates. Oscar statues were being transported from the Chicago foundry to L.A. and two were brought on board. Passengers were able to snap photos and hold the statues. No word if anyone’s acceptance speech went long.

Headline of the Day I: “Airport sees three-year passenger high.” Has the DEA been notified?

Headline of the Day II: “RAF jets come ‘wee bit too close’ to passenger jet.” Oh, those crazy Scots.



Published: February 10, 2012