Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Feb. 27

Mom is Da Bomb: Two passengers thought a Southwest pilot said ‘bomb‘ when he wished  ‘Mom‘ a happy birthday. Doesn’t everyone make that mistake?

TSA guilty plea: TSA training supervisor admits taking a bribe to take a certification test for another officer. Cost of a passing grade? $200.

Best vacation spots: Per Travel-Ticker – Ecuador, China, Tahoe, Miami and New Orleans. I’ll take the Big Easy for $100, Alex.

Worst vacation spot: Milwaukee, but only because of its walking tour of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s haunts (and haunt is the word, alright).

This isn’t the cheesesteak drive-thru? Philly airport shuts downfor half-hour after guy, 24, drives his SUV on runway.  UPDATE: Guy was doing 100 mph on the runway, and yes he was arrested.

A real #%@! storm: Long Island couple sits outside minding their own business. Something splatters them. Rain? Bird? Nope, said the cop: “Lavatory leak.” Why, yes, they do live under the JFK flightpath.

Bad Flight Attendant I: He/she said “No one’s getting off the plane!” until a passenger-rented video player was returned. Unclear if they’re still sitting there.

Bad Flight Attendant II: Airline employee supposedly lifted cash from folks at security, but I am not convinced it was real flight attendant due to witness description noting suspect’s “mohawk haircut.”

Mush, Sparky! The official airline of Alaska’s Iditarod race is – oh, c’mon. Hint: it ain’t Hawaiian.

Pilots ‘terrified’ of new roller coaster: How scary is a new UK coaster? Pilots say gut-wrenching – and crash-test dummies returned from a ride with “missing multiple limbs.” That’s gotta hurt!



Published: March 2, 2012