Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Feb. 20

Oscar plug: Since George Clooney got robbed when he didn’t win for playing that guy who flew all the time, maybe he should win this year? You tell us. UPDATE: Some French guy won – c’est dommage!

Baby otters: Cute little fur-things get screened at TSA checkpoint. Okay, no big deal, but there are pictures!

Best headline:Reclusive owls get social in airport area.” Social, huh. Does that mean they – tweet?

Campaign travel: Gingrich’s travel reimbursements draw scrutiny – wait, do we really want to talk politics? Nah, let’s talk spear guns at security instead!

Groping suspect: Woman is angry that American Airlines didn’t call the cops on man she says groped her in mid-flight. The feds eventually booked the guy. BTW, suspect is an MD.

Coffee, Tea or Whee! Last week, it was a pilot – now, a Pinnacle Airlines flight attendant was revealed as reportedly possibly intoxicated. How’s that for hedging a headline?


Published: February 24, 2012