Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Feb. 11

Keep coming back – we update daily with the weirdest air travel stories we find (and boy, do we find ’em).

Watch a plane crash: Small prop plane runs into trouble over Utah, so what does a passenger do? Why, he grabs his smartphone to tape all the exciting action as he and his family survive a crash landing. [Editor’s note to spouse: Don’t you ever EVER even think of such a thing.] See the video below!

Gas on planes: No, we’re not talking jet fuel! An international team of gastroenterologists has studied the problem of flatulence on aircraft.

BOOM goes the meteor: No, this wasn’t a sci-fi movie but a real-life meteor that streaked across the skies of Russia before “exploding with a flash and boom” damaging hundreds of buildings – and sending hundreds to hospitals.

KK vs. TSA: Oh, to be rich and infamous. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West bypass security, board American flight, then are hauled off for the screening they skipped. Blame falls on AA celebrity wrangler.

Super airline! Merger between American and US Airways is now official. New carrier will keep the American name – but will it take you where you want to go?

Passenger dies: When a United flight landed in Salt Lake this week, seatmates tried but failed to wake up a 30-something man. Turned out, he had died during the flight from Denver, cause unknown.

PB & J (for jail): Man sues TSA because they didn’t get his joke about the jar of peanut butter he was holding. Joke involved the word “explosives.” The comedian spent the night in the slammer.

Banana Joe: Dog with coolest name ever wins at Westminster and since the Affenpinscher lives in Holland, he presumably flew to New York for the show, so – there’s your travel angle.

Fewer lost bags: Did your Samsonite go astray last year? Too bad, since most of us didn’t lose luggage. In fact, 2012 was the airlines best year for ‘mishandled bags’ ever. Now if they could just do something about all those new fees.

United penalized: Airline is fined $130K, not so much for last May’s 5-hour delay-on-the-tarmac but because they didn’t let passengers know they could get off the plane and wait in the airport.

Terror lawsuit: Alaska Airlines faces a jury in Vegas after a group of passengers sued, claiming they were ousted from a flight in 2003 for essentially looking Arabic in a post-9/11 world.

Too sexy: Nok Air is in hot water with Thai officials who decry its new calendar of bikini-clad models. CEO says it’s not sexist – he’s just helping models find jobs. Of course! At least the bikini models weren’t dancing in the aisles.

Armed and dangerous: Huge manhunt in Calif. for alleged cop killer on vendetta enlists TSA, which tells pilots to be on the lookout for stolen planes or suspicious passengers.

Overheard in first class: Actual comment from a female Delta medallion passenger about a tiny traveler in the elite seats – “The baby is better behaved than most of the adult men here.” Zing.

Hell flight: Passengers are trapped on a Canadian Sunwing plane for 13 hours. Upside: They got a free granola bar! Downside: Don’t even think about the restrooms. Another reason for U.S. flyers to thank Ray LaHood.

LUV hurts: Southwest used to have flight attendants in hot pants and free bottles of booze. Now the LA Times quotes a flyer who says it “no longer offers the lowest fares”. Ooh baby baby, where did our luv go?

Single digit salute: Aeroflot flight attendant allegedly makes obscene hand gesture to passengers then naturally posts the picture on social media for all to see. Hey, could’ve been worse – an Aeroflot pilot was once accused of truly scary behavior.

Freakjet photo of the day: How to avoid the flu.

Here’s that plane crash video. Again, no one was hurt, but sheesh:


Published: February 11, 2013