Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Dec. 31

UPDATE on bathroom saga: Remember the Twilight actor who denied mistaking his LAX gate area for a lavatory? Naturally, a video has surfaced.

Party in a pouch: Spirit introduces pre-mixed rum cocktails that come in a bag with a straw. Happy (hic) New Year.

Drunk passengers: Two female passengers aged 50 and 43 got so (allegedly) drunk on a British Airways flight that the pilot was forced to divert. Among other behavioral issues, the ladies reportedly threatened to kill a flight attendant’s family.

That’s the holiday spirit: TSA found 10 grenades in luggage this past week. As for guns, let’s just say it’s been a record-breaking year.

Pitcher apologizes, sort of: SF Giants reliever Sergio Romo is sorry for that New Year’s Day argument with the TSA in Vegas – which reportedly ended with handcuffs – and promised “to conduct myself in the future in the ‘San Francisco Giants Way.'”

Security drones: Drone seen at Vikings game was rumored to be a TSA aircraft. Official response: “The TSA does not use drones. We’re drone free.” Hope that clears up any confusion.

Heart-warming story: Best part – an airline phone rep lies so a customer doesn’t get hit with a change fee. Worst part – the story doesn’t name the airline, darn it.

Death on a plane: 25-year-old Brazilian woman went into some kind of unknown “medical distress” during an American flight from Sao Paulo to Dallas which diverted to Houston but the poor woman died before the plane landed.

When planes collide: Spirit jet clips parked US Airways plane at Ft. Lauderdale airport. Passengers OK but US Airways plane has gash in tail and rep pointedly noted it was in “approved parking spot.” Will cheapskate Spirit pay for repairs? Stay tuned.

Aerial crime-stopper: Pilot of small plane sees possible burglary in progress at his home. Calls cops. Suspect nabbed.

Amazing destinations: CNN lists 12 trips “to make your friends jealous” and topping the list is Norway in January. If you say so.

Flight attendant beauty secrets revealed: A British woman who works for an unnamed airline says the trick is mascara and lipstick (“a bit of color even if you’re tired”). Uh-huh. Her photo reveals the real beauty secret: youth.


Published: January 4, 2013