Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Dec. 3

Dangerous codgers: The TSA keeps finding swords in canes. Is the AARP organizing some sort of militia?

Snake bites man: Passenger on Egypt Air is bitten by a cobra he smuggled aboard in his carry-on. Cue the emergency landing! Cue the snake-master!

Punctuality pays:  According to reports, United had its best on-time performance of the year (November) and is celebrating with $100 bonuses for employees. In related news, Richard Branson is buying all his employees Porsches (OK, I made that up).

Paging pilots: Where did they all go? Big shortage looms and one of the reasons: the glamour is gone.

Passenger delays DFW flight: A 23-year-old man made what was construed as a suspicious comment so the American plane went back to the gate. What’d he say? That he “didn’t want to fly anymore.” Huh.

Blackout date blues: Don’t you hate airline sales that are almost useless due to all those blackout dates? Well, here’s how to get around them.

Best name: Maine’s Knox County airport in the town of – ready? Owls Head! – is implementing new safety measures. No big deal, just wanted to mention a wonderfully-named place. Especially since there are so many airports with names that really suck.


Published: December 7, 2012