Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Dec. 23

TSA agent assaulted: A South Korean woman was angered over a pat-down at Orlando’s airport but got really angry when told her bottle of lotion was too big – and slapped, shoved and swung at the screener. She was arrested.

Stuck on a plane for 5 hours: An American Airlines flight in Dallas was stuck at the gate for hours. The candid pilot told passengers, “Decisions are being made way above our heads by people that obviously, in my humble opinion, don’t have a clue.”

Well that’s never good: According to a report, “More than 15% of passengers surveyed around the Asia Pacific region claim to have witnessed some form of sexual conduct on a plane.”

Angry Brit: American Airlines allegedly lost UK broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson’s bag prompting a stream of nasty tweets from the irate passenger. Best of the bunch: “What madman is responsible for the hairstyles favoured by the stewardesses on American Airlines?”

Happy Brit: Actress Kate Winslet’s new husband is the nephew of Virgin airline founder Richard Branson. And as long as we’re name-dropping, the bride was walked down the aisle by her Titanic co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Flight attendants wanted: Delta and American are hiring and have been deluged with applications. Who knew so many were so eager to earn $23,000 a year.

Spud experiment: Boeing engineers used sacks of potatoes as passenger stand-ins to improve onboard Wi-Fi signals. Sounds nuts but it worked: “Potatoes, because of their water content and chemistry, absorb and reflect radio wave signals much the same way as the human body does.”

Fun stuff: Need a last-minute New Year’s gift like an alligator head? Try the airport – they have lots of unusual items though nothing quite as good as SkyMall’s Garden Yeti.


Published: December 28, 2012