Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Dec. 10

Attention JetBlue flyers in New York: Because Hurricane Sandy messed up the local schools’ Spring Break, JetBlue is waiving the change fee for February travel if you rebook by Dec. 31. This is what’s called excellent customer service.

Cocktails in the sky: Airlines push specialty drinks like Mojitos and Mai Tais – but not to get you drunk – just to get your dollars. Speaking of drunk, which passengers consume the most alcohol? The ones heading to Las Vegas, of course.

Air rage rising: Lots of mad-as-hell flyers in China according to report that notes angry passengers have stormed runways and threatened pilots. Sounds like somebody better take the Travel Burnout Quiz.

Another security snafu: Man arrested at JFK with 26 stun guns in his checked-bag. No motive was mentioned but the “I forgot” excuse may not fly and you sure won’t if you’re caught packing heat or zappers.

We don’t need no stinkin’ stun guns: Passenger intercepted with a rocket launcher in his bag at tiny Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe, PA. No jokes about Arnie’s Army, please.

Faster airport security in Ft. Lauderdale: The TSA’s PreCheck program comes to FLL. It’s at lots of airports now and here’s how to get in on it.

Airline secrets revealed: New book called Tales from the Tarmac recounts one woman’s adventures at JFK; she calls other airline employees “witch”, “bitch” and “porker”. Imagine what she calls the passengers.

Holiday moves (sorry, no Gangnam Style): Delta dances into the New Year – see below. Meanwhile, consider making your own holidays a little happier by dancing yourself into a nice cheap flight.


Published: December 14, 2012