Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Aug. 20

Watch out for Isaac: The airlines are – see if yours will give you a break on the change fee.

Nominee for worst passenger of the year: Allegedly drunk guy gropes pregnant woman on JetBlue flight from NY to LA. Plane diverted to Denver where police took our nominee into custody. Why yes, there is video.

Runner-up for worst passenger: Man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping seatmate on a United flight from Phoenix to Newark Monday night blames sleeping woman, is arrested anyway.

Crew bomb hoax: British Airways steward sees message on lavatory door claiming there’s a bomb on board, is told to write up a report on the incident. That’s when authorities notice his handwriting matches door message. Steward gets six months in jail.

Skeleton at LaGuardia: Workers find skeletal remains in an obscure area of the New York airport. Police are reviewing missing person cases. Probably not Amelia Earhart.

Pilot fight: The cockpit of a Qantas 747 got a little heated last week as an argument broke out between the captain and first officer. They were grounded. Sounds like one of those things you don’t want to hear a pilot say.

Attention Las Vegas travelers: The people who brought you the ads, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” are royally [blanked] off about the naked photos of Prince Harry, saying it’s a betrayal of the code. They’re now calling for “a shun on those exploiters of the prince.” A shun?

Mexico airport shootout: All 348 federal airport police in Mexico City are replaced after a summer shootout between good cops and bad cops suspected of drug dealing. The men believed to have killed three of their fellow officers remain at large.


Published: August 24, 2012