Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of April 2

Quote of the week: TSA asks passenger if he’s carrying any flammable liquids. “No, but I do have a bomb.” No doubt a good chuckle was shared by all as they cuffed him.

Too much caffeine: A pilot overhears TSA employee at JFK use profanity and tells her to tone it down. If “tone it down” means “hurl a cup of coffee at pilot” then it all worked out fine.

Only in Oz: Aussie pilot notices large snake on plane since it keeps “popping its head out from instrument panel”. Then it crawls down his leg but he lands the plane safely. Such manly men Down Under.

Child-free flights! Oh, don’t get so excited, it was just an April Fool’s joke.

Or, wait. Is it? Malaysian Airlines bans children 12 & under from the upstairs economy section of the Airbus 380.

What the? Denver museum exhibit features TSA “prohibited items”. Security = art. And you thought it was just a pain in the a&$@.

Yummy: An Australian woman found maggots in her trail mix on a Qantas flight. No word if she got a refund on the snack.

Baby on board: Baby wasn’t there at the start of the Delta flight – he waited til they climbed to 36,000 ft. to make his appearance. Mom and baby are fine. Baby’s name: “Ebosalume.” I was hoping for “Turbulence.”

Just in time for Opening Day: Virgin America adds the San Francisco Giants logo to a plane. And relief pitcher Brian Wilson’s beard to the front of the plane. FareComapre is based in Dallas, and Rangers fans aren’t big fans of Wilson – or his beard. But even we will admit this is pretty clever.

One more thing: Ridiculously photogenic guy has nothing to do with air travel – but who cares.


Published: April 6, 2012