Not Your Average Air Travel Stories (and Video): Week of Nov. 11

This week: US Airways has PR nightmare. We have dreamy video (below).

Blind man, guide dog kicked off plane: As US Airways tells it (via CNN), a blind man’s guide dog moved around too much prompting a “heated exchange” between a flight attendant and his blind master resulting in master/dog getting kicked off plane. All other passengers then got off in solidarity. At last report, an internal investigation was underway. Anyone else smell vouchers?

Up in smoke: Oh, that wacky Spirit. Its new website ad for deals to the Toronto area features a silhouette that looks suspiciously like Rob Ford, self-admitted crack-smoking mayor of Toronto. Says the ad, “We’re not smoking crack”. Our only question for Spirit: What took you so long?

Travel marketing headline of the week: As seen on Yahoo Finance – “Mexico unveils ‘Live it To Believe It’ campaign at the Tower of London”. Not to be outdone, the Eiffel Tower is now promoting tourism in Honolulu (alright, we made that up).

“We’re going down”: That’s what a passenger claims a Southwest pilot said, but is that what he meant? You decide.

Consumer scorecard: Airfare expert Rick Seaney tells us if the merger is going to cost us. Hint: Yes.

Winners and losers: Merger mania returns as American, US Airways settle with the feds. Who won, who lost? Find out.

Joke of the day: How do you make a million dollars with an airline? Start with a billion. But don’t tell that to the guys of Surf Air.

Good news for Virgin America: The San Francisco based carrier just had its best quarter ever. They have some pretty good airfare deals too.

Alleged bad passengers on trial: Two men traveling from Lahore to Manchester last May on Pakistan Airlines are on trial for “threats to kill the cabin crew, threats to kill passengers and threats to blow up the plane.” How did it start? One of the men stepped forward when a flight attendant asked if there was a doctor on board. When the crew determined the man was not a doctor, he got upset.

Headline of the day: “Airlines Run From Onboard Gabfests” courtesy of Bloomberg and what it means is, no phone calls on planes. But you knew that.

Royalty in space: Well, kind of. Sir Richard Branson will be going (along with his kids) on Virgin Galactic’s first flight now set for August. If you can’t go along, you can watch on NBC. Or just watch the video below.

Liquid ban easing: It’s true – starting in January for duty-free liquids on planes. Just not in the U.S.

What’s an airline credit really worth: Not very much, says travel expert Christopher Elliott. But remember, if you get bumped from a flight, you can get cash instead of credit.

VIDEO: See this Virgin Galactic reel and you’ll sign up, too.


Published: November 11, 2013