News of the Day 8-12-10 – More JetBlue Flight Attendant Crazy

Update on JetBlue’s Angry Flight Attendant

When other people set up a “tribute” Facebook page for you, as happened with JetBlue flight attendant Steve Slater, you know you’re a folk hero.

He is the guy who allegedly cursed out one of his passengers before making a dramatic exit from the plane (reportedly with beer in hand) via the emergency slide. And the world is weighing in:

  • ABC spoke to his ex-wife who said she finds it “difficult to believe” he could ever be rude to a passenger.
  • USA Today points out that Slater ain’t no “Capt. Sully” – he of the grace-under-pressure landing on the Hudson after that goose dust-up.
  • The Wall Street Journal tells us about a new computer-animated cartoon of the bizarre airline exit (the images are described as a “bargain-basement Pixar crossed with TMZ” which sounds like a must-see to me).
  • Even Spirit is getting into the act; the airline is advertising its latest airfare sale as follows: “Don’t be blue, slide down to low fares!” Ahem.

However – as yet another report points out, incidents with passengers on flights are a bigger problem than crew air rage and it’s a growing problem (and we have written about some of the crazier passenger behavior a time or two – do check it out, at least for “space alien guy”).


Published: August 12, 2010