Newark Tops List of Healthiest U.S. Airports

When you think of Newark’s Liberty International Airport, you may think of recent troubles with its TSA screeners or perhaps you’ve read that it made a list of airports that could make you sick.

Newark Tops Healthy List

But it recently made another, more positive list: Newark is No. 1 for healthy airport eating options, or so says a new report from the Washington, D.C.-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Its 2012 Airport Food Review looked at 18 of the nation’s busiest airports and the top three were Newark, Las Vegas McCarran and Detroit [see complete list below].

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What is Healthy Airport Food?

The PCRM looked for airport restaurant entrees that were low fat, high fiber and cholesterol free. If a restaurant offered even one such meal, it was deemed healthful. Scoring was determined by dividing the number of healthful restaurants by the total number of eateries.

Some of the healthful options sound pretty good – the report mentions a “smoked tofu, broccoli, and mushroom burrito” at 360 Gourmet in Las Vegas and a pita platter with hummus, olive tapenade and vegetables at Chicago O’Hare’s Mediterranean Café.

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Healthful Airports from Best to Worst

Here is the list:

Airports with Healthful Option Restaurants

1. Newark 7. Dallas
2. Las Vegas 8. (tie) Minneapolis
3. Detroit 8. (tie) Charlotte
4. Houston Bush 9. (tie) San Francisco
5. (tie) Chicago O’Hare 9. (tie) Denver
5. (tie) Miami 10. (tie) Los Angeles
6. (tie) Orlando 10. (tie) Baltimore
6. (tie) Washington Dulles 11. Washington Reagan
6. (tie) Phoenix 12. Atlanta


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Airports are Getting Healthier

By the way, the report indicates airports have made big strides in the past decade, as average scores have risen by nearly 50 percent. However, as the report also suggests, sometimes you have to look pretty hard to find the good stuff.


Published: November 27, 2012