New, Unusual Way to Avoid Bag Fees

The new way to avoid baggage fees is very simple: Join Orion, a travel club, accept their gift of free luggage and agree to become a walking billboard [see video below].

No Bag Fees for Billboard Bags

The first six months of the club are free; then you pay $19.99 for the rest of the year. The big perk is a free two-piece set of hard-sided wheeled luggage including a big bag and a carry-on. As for bag fees, they’ll send you a $50 gift card (up to six times a year) that can be used at the airline counter when you check in.

Here’s the catch: You must agree to allow advertising on the bag. According to images on Orion’s site, ads consist of colorful logo ‘skins’ placed on bags that might promote anything from a movie (Batman), an airline (Southwest), an auto manufacturer (Toyota), a sports team or more [images below]. NOTE: It appears that the program doesn’t get underway until February 2016 but you can contact the travel club now.

Bag Billboards

Our two cents: Ads would certainly make it easier to find your bag on the luggage carousel! But what do you think?

VIDEO: Orion’s explainer. Skip ahead to 2:45 for info on billboard bags.


Published: October 1, 2015