New Space Bins May Help Travelers Avoid Bag Fees

A complaint we’ve heard again and again: “I’d be happy to use a carry-on to avoid the checked-bag fees but I can never find room for it.” More room is on the way and we can thank Boeing for that.

Boeing’s Roomy New Space Bins

According to the Seattle-based airplane manufacturer, it’s new Space Bins hold 50% more carry-on bags than other bins and they claim that will benefit everyone:

“Airlines can expect quicker boarding and turnaround processes at the gate and passengers will benefit from decreased concern about finding a spot for their carry-on bag when boarding a flight.” —Boeing

A side-by-side comparison: Old bin, left. Space Bin, right.

Old bins, new bins

Savings on Bag Fees, Other Fees

If travelers know they’ll have a spot for their carry-on, they may be much more likely to use one and save the $50 round-trip baggage fee. They may also save on early boarding fees promoted by airlines like Southwest which many happily pay simple to find a spot for on-board luggage.

Note: Boeing admits the new bins sacrifice about two inches of head room but that seems a small price to pay to avoid fees. We’ve certainly gotten used to less legroom, right? [Well, sort of]

Which Airlines have Space Bins

Boeing says you can find Space Bins on its 737-800 planes (what Boeing calls Next Generation 737s). Fox News reports Alaska Airlines has already installed the bins on some planes while Delta will be adding them in 2016 and United has “committed” to the bins at an unspecified time.

Another way to save a few bucks. We like that.

Images from the Boeing website


Updated: November 16, 2015