New Rules To Disclose Full Ticket Price, Hidden Fees

Come Jan. 26, you’ll know the final cost of your plane ticket when you click on it, thanks to forthcoming rules by the Department of Transportation.

Listen to Rick Seaney talk about the upcoming changes:

The rule will require all airlines to display all mandatory taxes and fees in advertised fares. Surprisingly, not all airlines are happy about the ruling. Southwest Airlines, Allegiant Air and Spirit Airlines have all filed appeals to have the ruling revered, saying it violated commercial free speech.

In addition to the full-ticket price rule, the DOT released other rules that must be followed by airlines. They include:

  • A ban on price increases after a ticket has been purchased
  • A 24-hour window for passengers to hold or cancel a reservation without payment or penalty for reservations made a week or more before the departure date
  • Required disclosure of baggage fees upon booking and on e-ticket confirmations
  • Required prompt notification of delays of more than 30 minutes, cancellations and diversions
  • The same baggage allowance and fees to apply throughout a passenger’s trip


Published: December 30, 2011