Mystery 'Smell' Sends US Airways Crew to Hospital

Five flight attendants were transported to a Florida hospital as a precaution Wednesday after complaining about a strange odor aboard their US Airways plane at Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

Air Quality Tests Come Back ‘Negative’

According to Broward County Sheriff’s deputies, the crew members complained that the smell was “making them sick.” However, a hazardous materials team that went on board the plane to take air samples said their tests revealed nothing toxic. There were no passengers on the plane at the time.

Second ‘Mystery Smell’ for US Airways Plane

This isn’t the first time a “mystery smell” complaint has dogged a US Airways aircraft. In March of 2010, another of the carrier’s planes was about to leave the gate at Charlotte’s airport when people began complaining about an odor that some described as an “electrical smell.”

Couple Sues over Cockroaches on Plane

Nine people sought treatment, including five flight attendants, but after a short delay, the plane eventually took off for Montego Bay with all remaining passengers onboard.


Published: December 8, 2011