Mystery at the Airport – Who Was That Unknown Baggage Handler?

Mystery at Philly Airport

Strange situation yesterday morning at Philadelphia International Airport (Oct. 7).

It seems three baggage handlers were starting to load luggage on to a US Airways flight that was going to fly to Bermuda – when two of the handlers took a closer look at the third man.

Who is this Guy?

They didn’t know this guy – didn’t recognize him – and although he was wearing the same airline uniform they were, he had no ID on him. So they questioned him - but instead of answering the questions, this unknown baggage handler” took off running.

That put a stop to everything.

The plane was evacuated, all the luggage was inspected, and the aircraft was searched for any trace of explosives or anything suspicious. They found…nothing.

No Explosives, No Nothing

As for the “employee” who ran off – he was last seen, in the distance, leaving the scene on a motorized baggage cart – putting some space between himself and his would-be interrogators. As of this writing, he has yet to be found.

The 102 passengers eventually took off for Bermuda – six hours late. We are told no other flights were affected.

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So who was this person? Possibilities include:

  • A new baggage handler who forgot his ID and didn’t want to get into trouble?
  • A “bad guy” up to no good?
  • A would-be reality show star trying to infiltrate the glamorous profession of baggage handling on a dare?

What Would You Do?

Who knows? All I know is, despite the delay, I am very glad the real baggage handlers made a point of questioning this person. They could have blown the situation off as, some new guy that they simply hadn’t met yet, but they didn’t. They did the right thing. Maybe it was nothing – but better safe than sorry.

Thanks, guys.


Published: October 8, 2010