More Passenger Incidents on Planes

It has not been smooth sailing for some airline passengers lately, or flight crews either. Some recent incidents in the news.

Alleged Passenger Choking Incident

We’ve heard about disputes over reclining seats before, but nothing quite like this.

  • A Southwest flight traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco has to be turned back after one passenger allegedly began choking the other. As NBC’s San Francisco station reported, the incident appeared to be sparked when a woman reclined her seat and the man behind her apparently didn’t like it. The man was taken off the flight but it’s not clear yet if he’ll face charges. He was said to be “very calm” throughout the whole situation.

Alleged Passenger Biting Incident

Lots of questions remain about this incident.

  • An Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin diverted to Cork over the weekend after a passenger reportedly began suffering a seizure of some kind and bit another man who attempted to restrain him. The man with the seizure-like symptoms was removed from the plane and later died. Another passenger on the flight was arrested for allegedly carrying a large quantity of amphetamines but it is not known if the two incidents were related.

Other Odd Passenger Incidents

Planes aren’t the only places where odd doings take place.

  • A 4-foot long boa constrictor got loose on a bus in Philadelphia over the weekend and passengers were ordered off while a mechanic dismantled a seat to retrieve the snake. The owner, who reportedly wrapped the reptile around his neck before it slithered to freedom, apologized – but could still face charges. What those would be is unclear (violation of Philly’s leash law?).
  • A U.K. man reportedly exposed himself to fellow passengers on a Cardiff-bound train “for 12 minutes” which raises the question, who had the stopwatch?

Here’s hoping your next flight is drama-free.


Updated: October 19, 2015