More Kingfisher Airlines Flights Canceled as 100 Pilots Quit

More than 100 pilots have reportedly left their jobs at Mumbai-based Kingfisher Airlines, the financially strapped carrier which flies throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. According to recent news stories, the pilots’ mass resignations are the result of no paychecks since September. There are also reports that Kingfisher has defaulted on payments to several jet fuel companies.

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Kingfisher Flights Canceled

The result: the airline has canceled 80 flights in the past two days. There was said to be “chaos at several airports” when passengers did not learn about the scrapped flights until the last minute. One media outlet is reporting that many passengers were essentially left to fend for themselves when it came to rebooking flights, and they were forced to pay a premium for last-minute travel. More canceled flights are expected at least through the next week or so, largely affecting domestic flights but some international routes as well.

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Contact Kingfisher about Flight Delays, Cancelations

The Kingfisher website does not reflect any of this turmoil – it continues to advertise numerous travel deals, but there are no bulletins regarding cancelations as of this writing. Passengers who are scheduled to travel with Kingfisher in the near future should contact the airline or their travel agent immediately by phone to see if their flight will take off or not. The Kingfisher homepage lists several contact numbers at the bottom of the screen.

Final note: The following line is from the “About” section of

“At Kingfisher, a flight is not a journey between two airports but an experience of a lifetime.”

An  ‘experience’ that takes on a whole new meaning in the wake of the carrier’s ongoing financial crisis.


Published: November 10, 2011