More Airlines Match the $10 Surcharge for Peak Holiday Travel Days

Delta/Northwest and US Airways have now joined United Airlines in matching a
move initiated by American Airlines earlier this week that will add a $10
“miscellaneous” surcharge to three specific travel dates. Those dates
are Nov. 29, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and Jan. 2 and 3.

All three dates are peak holiday travel days; the Sunday after Thanksgiving
competes with the Wednesday before the holiday for the title, “busiest air
travel day of the year”.

The new, targeted surcharge brings sorely needed revenue to the airlines in the
current financial doldrums; at the same time, passengers traveling on the three
dates in question are already paying a premium price for their airfare and may
consider the additional $10 an inconsequential sum.

Last year, procrastinators were rewarded with lower fares during the holiday
period, but I do not expect that to happen this year. Below is a chart I
created to show holiday travelers the most/least
expensive days for traveling at Thanksgiving time


Published: September 25, 2009