Military Members to Go to the Head of Airport Security Lines

No more waiting in long lines at airport security for U.S. military and family members traveling on orders. A new bill signed by President Obama allows them to go the head of the line.

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No More Waiting for Uniformed Military

The bill was sponsored by Minnesota’s Rep. Chip Cravaack and pushed through the Senate by Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas. Said Sen. Hutchison, “Our nation’s military personnel have earned the right from a grateful nation.”

However, it’s not clear exactly when uniformed service member will actually get this VIP treatment.

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Unclear When Law Goes into Effect

The law requires that the Transportation Security Administration develop “new, expedited procedures” for screening military airline passengers, but it’s not immediately clear when these new procedures will be unveiled.

It should also be noted that the law does not mean military members will sidestep screening, merely that they will get the opportunity to cut to the front of the line.


Published: January 5, 2012