Flight Stuff: Spoiled Meat, Maggots on Plane, Continental Cocktails, Paris Avoids Bag Fees

It’s only July, but already we have a strong contender for “Worst Passenger of the Year”.

Overhead Bin Surprise: Spoiled Meat

That would be the anonymous passenger, who for unknown reasons, put a bag containing spoiled meat in the overhead bin of a US Airways plane this week. “Spoiled” is a bit of an understatement, as the meat was apparently crawling with maggots – some of which dropped down onto the heads of the passengers seated below.

“It Only Takes One Maggot to Upset Your World”

One of those passengers was quoted by ABC as saying, “It only takes one maggot to upset your world.” Indeed it does. The plane, which had pulled away from the gate, returned for cleaning – and eventually took off without our Passenger of the Year (and without his noxious carryon).

Continental’s New Trendy Cocktails

If you’re flying on Continental today, you may fly a little higher, thanks to their new “specialty” in-flight cocktails.

These include Mojitos, Pomegranate Martinis and Red Bull concoctions. $9 each. Alcohol-free versions are just three bucks.

Smart Shopper Paris Hilton Avoids Annoying Checked-Bag Fees

Paris headed to South Africa for some World Cup action earlier this week (and what will she think of the vuvuzelas?). Luckily for us, she tweeted a photo of herself and her numerous bags – see above, right – exclaiming, “All Packed and Ready for The World Cup! So excited!”

Only problem is, I count at least, what – ten bags? – which could set her back hundreds in roundtrip airline checked-bag fees. Give Paris credit, though – she thought of everything – including how to avoid all bag fees.

To quote the Hilton heiress: “This Private Jet takes Huge to Another Level. Loves it!”


Published: July 1, 2010