Luxury Flights Take Off with Porsches, Faberge Eggs, Gourmet Meals

Airlines know their customers. They know that We Who Fly in Coach want the cheapest tickets possible and if that means a Spartan experience, so be it. It’s a ‘nother story for those who pay for business or first class, and because they do pay so much, airlines are determined to woo them with perks like Porsches.

Even JetBlue’s getting in on the luxury act

Delta’s Porsche Perk

A recent news story says Delta is “bringing its fleet of chauffeur-driven Porsche to the tarmac of Los Angeles International Airport.” They will do the same thing all their other luxury autos do in Atlanta which is to drive super-elite frequent flyers directly to the gate. Handy for making tight connections, for sure, but it also means no waiting around at the gate with the hoi polloi.

What’s it take to be a 5 star hotel?

Eggs of the Tsars

The UK’s Telegraph reports that the luxury charter VistaJet had been offering its passengers “a range of limited-edition, egg-shaped Fabergé pendants” for just $7,900 a piece but sadly it appears from the VistaJet website that this promotion is no longer available.

Michelin-Starred Chef

Leave it to Air France to hire a Michelin-starred chef – Michael Roth – to design its business class menus (and presumably, one who has a Michelin star designs as opposed to cooks). The menu is ever-changing but we can tell you past dishes have included “Shrimp and squid with tarragon lobster sauce, red rice and baby spinach” and “Braised beef, black truffle sauce, sautéed asparagus and cèpe mushrooms.” The words, snack box and packs of peanuts do not appear on the menu.


Published: August 20, 2013