Lufthansa: New Frankfurt Airport Strike Not Affecting International Flights

Some good news and bad news out of Germany.

Scores of Local Flights Canceled

A strike by ground workers at Frankfurt airport is affecting a lot of flights – so far close to 150 have been canceled – but these are domestic and European routes for the most part.

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The good news comes from Lufthansa, which says its long-haul international flights remain unaffected. Frankfurt is the primary traffic hub for the German flagship carrier.

Frankfurt Flyers: Stay in Touch with Airline

However, passengers are advised to stay in touch with the airline or whatever carrier they’re flying for late-breaking developments, as the situation remains fluid.

The Frankfurt Airport, one of the world’s busiest, has been plagued with a series of labor actions in recent weeks typified by strikes of a few days’ duration – more than enough time to snarl the best-laid travel plans. The current job action is scheduled to last through March 1.

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Lufthansa and other airlines offer updated travel information on their websites and via Twitter, and passengers may want to consider changing plans if they will be taking domestic flights in or out of Frankfurt in the very near future.


Published: February 27, 2012