Lufthansa Cancels More than 200 European Flights in/out of Frankfurt Airport

Germany’s flagship carrier Lufthansa has canceled well over 200 European flights departing from or arriving to Frankfurt Airport (FRA) today and tomorrow, but so far U.S. carriers are unaffected.

Strike Cancels Flights at Europe’s 3rd-Busiest Airport

The problem: a strike by ground workers at Frankfurt Airport over the issue of pay and job conditions, which is expected to continue at least through Friday.

What to Do When Strikes Hit Airlines, Airports

Frankfurt is one of the world’s highest passenger-traffic airports, and the third busiest in Europe (behind London Heathrow and Paris’ Charles de Gaulle).

The airport is served by carriers from around the world, and is the main hub for Lufthansa. It is also served by U.S. airlines including American, Delta, United and US Airways. United flies to Frankfurt from more U.S. cities than the others including Chicago, Houston, Newark, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Flight Canceled? What to Do Next

How to Stay in Touch with Airlines for Cancelation News

If you are scheduled to fly in or out of Frankfurt on Lufthansa, see the airline’s schedule of current cancelations on the Lufthansa website.

Again, at the moment, no U.S. airline has canceled any flights to Germany nor are there indications they may do so, but click on the names of the carriers below for late-breaking travel advisories in case the situation changes:


Published: February 16, 2012