Strikes Underway for Lufthansa Cabin Crew

Friday, Aug. 31: More than 200 flights were canceled today in the wake of the strikes, after about 1,000 flight attendants took to the picket line.

Thursday, Aug. 30: Union reps for the cabin crews of Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline, said workers plan on striking Friday, but details are scarce.

Airline Strikes and How They Affect You

Why a strike

The reason behind the secrecy of where the strike will take place, along with when and for how long? The union doesn’t want Lufthansa to be prepared for the work stoppage.

Cabin members are striking after a 3.5 percent wage increase failed in negotiations.

What to do if you have a booked flight

The airline, however, has said they are ready for the strike, and that passengers will be top priority.

“Lufthansa will do its utmost best to communicate the details … and to minimize the impacts on its customers,” read a statement on it’s website.

Flight Canceled? 5 Tips to Get on the Next One

The airline said it might move some passengers to partner airlines if needed, and that delays and cancellations should be expected.

If a flight is delayed or canceled, passengers will be able to rebook their flight with no charge.

This isn’t the first time employees of Lufthansa have gone on strike. In February 2010, pilots went on strike, stranding thousands of passengers until a judge intervened and the union agreed to end the strike.


Published: August 30, 2012