Looking for Cheap Flights? Head West

As FareCompare has been reporting, we’re now in an air travel low season meaning flights are relatively cheap – especially when compared to peak seasons like summer and the upcoming holidays. One of the cheapest regions of the country to head to right now is out West.

Listen as airfare expert Rick Seaney explains how to find cheap flights.

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Head West, Young Flyer

The weather in the Western U.S. is great this time of year, though some regions are starting to see the first snowflakes (good news for you skiers). Better than the weather are the current airfare sales. Couple of things to note:

  • Some sales are good on specific days only – especially Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Some prices are good into February, but watch for blackout dates around the holidays

Now some of the cheapest regions to fly to, according to airfare analyst Rick Seaney:

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California: Los Angeles

Southern California is cheaper than the northern part of the state and Los Angeles is by far the cheapest area. Best fares can be found to LAX as well as a handful of other area airports including Long Beach. In-bound prices to LA are running consistently 15 percent lower than either San Diego to the south and San Francisco up north.

Pacific Northwest: Seattle

Seattle, sometimes called the Emerald City, is your best bet in the northwest, and ticket prices are running about 40 percent below airfare to its popular neighbor Vancouver.

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The Rockies: Denver

Lots of competition has made the Denver area cheap – and airfare prices to Colorado Springs frequently match low Denver prices. Airfare to Denver is running about 30 percent less than ticket prices to Salt Lake City.

Find Cheap Flights to Western States

Best advice to finding cheap flights out West is the same as finding cheap flights anywhere in the U.S.

  • Shop Tuesday afternoons about 3 p.m. eastern
  • Check the Deals Blog for the latest airfare sales
  • If you see a price you like, grab it. Seats on sale are always limited.


Published: October 2, 2012