Last Weeks Airfare Increase Continues to Hold

US Airways

The original increase from last week is settling in with rollbacks based on competitive market pressures to stay at equilibrium on pricing.

We will be creating a special report later this afternoon with up to date effects of this increase in “smaller markets”, “major markets” and “non-stop” markets for each airline.

Analysis of the 8:00pm EDT 26-June and 10:00am EDT 27-June airfare feeds show:

American Airlines

  • Rollback of an additional 3.5% (rollback total of 59.5% to date)


  • Rollback of an additional 6% (rollback total of 52% to date)


  • Rollback of an additional 2.5% (rollback total of 25.5% to date)


  • Rollback of an additional 1.5% (rollback total of 45.5% to date)


  • Rolled back an additional 18.5% (rollback total of 42.5% to date)

US Airways

  • Rolled back an additional 7.5% (rollback total of 19.5% to date)


Published: June 27, 2007