Las Vegas Airport Traffic 'Normal' Despite 11-11-11 Wedding Crowds

According to a spokesman for McCarran International, Las Vegas is experiencing “the normal crowds we have for any typical three-day weekend,” and normal crowds for LAS average about 110,000 passengers per day.

McCarran’s Chris Jones added that it’s impossible to say how many of those people are taking advantage of the Veteran’s Day holiday, the weekend’s big boxing match (Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez), or have flown in to create an easy-to-remember anniversary date of 11-11-11.

Some Vegas Travelers Seek Unusual Wedding Date

However, things have been hectic at the Clark County Marriage Bureau over on East Clark Avenue in the downtown area.

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As MSNBC reported, one European couple endured a ten-hour flight from Brussels then headed directly to the Marriage Bureau which has been doing near record-breaking business. Yesterday alone, clerks processed more than 1,400 marriage licenses. The champ of wedding dates in Vegas? July 7, 1977.

Read about Las Vegas Weddings Chapels

Meanwhile, many of Sin City’s wedding chapels, and there are scores of them up and down the Strip, have been booked solid for 11-11-11 for months and business is said to be booming for Elvis officiants.

It’s a bit late to try for a cheap flight to Vegas now, but there’s always next year. No doubt some couples have already reserved chapels for 12-12-12.


Published: November 11, 2011