Las Vegas Airport Revenues Rebound

McCarran International (LAS) in Las Vegas has rebounded after two years of flat and even declining revenues and the airport has the airlines to thank.

Vegas Airport Made Money off Airlines

As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, operating revenues jumped more than 8 percent in the fiscal year ending in June of last year, with three-fourths of that money coming from fees airlines pay to use runways, gates and ticket counters.

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All 12 of the major U.S. airlines – and numerous international carriers – fly into Vegas. And since 40 percent of all Sin City visitors arrive by air, that money is especially important to the airport as well as the local economy which has faced tough times in recent years.

Airport Slot Machine Revenue Up Slightly

Some funds also came in from McCarran concessions like gift shops and rental car agencies, but these revenues grew more slowly.

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Least significant was the money coming in from the airport slot machines. This revenue rose, too, but only by 1 percent. On average, individual passengers dropped less than $1.30 in the slots, whereas a decade ago, airport gamblers were willing to wager an average of $1.90.

Perhaps more of the betting action is at the baggage carousel, with wagers on whether suitcases will actually materialize or not.


Published: January 5, 2012