KLM says Passengers will Pick Seatmates via Facebook

Most of the details have yet to be worked out, but international airline KLM says it is developing a service that will allow passengers to choose seatmates via Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. See the ‘Seatmates from Hell’ video below.

The airline has not said whether passengers will pay for this service or not, but many airlines in the U.S. already charge a fee for their best seats.

When Seatmates from Hell are Celebrities

Choose Seatmate for Networking, Romance

The advantages of choosing a seatmate seem self-evident: business travelers could network, people who like to snooze on planes could be seated beside fellow nappers, and it might even serve as a matchmaking service for those who like to flirt.

It’s not clear how the new “social seat” service would work if, for example, Passenger A asks to be seated next to Passenger B, but Passenger B is not interested. It is possible the outcome could be very different from the old “Seinfeld” episode where Jerry was seated next to a beautiful supermodel – in reality, a flyer might wind up beside Kramer.

Early Attempt at Matchmaking in the Skies

Facebook Seating – Expected to Launch 2012

Media reports say KLM expects to launch this service next year but most of the details are still said to be very hush-hush. Until then, flyers will just have to take potluck.

Seatmates from Hell – May 17, 2010


Published: December 15, 2011