JetBlue’s Free WiFi – FAQ

Discount carrier JetBlue wants you to know it has installed new WiFi service on many planes (they call it Fly-Fi) which should be fleet-wide by next year. Best part? It’s free.

JetBlue’s Free WiFi – What to Know

What you want to know.

Q: What is this WiFi?

  • A: According to JetBlue, it is “much faster than competing Ku-band satellites and older ground-to-air technology, giving you a Wi-Fi experience that feels more like what you have at home or work.” Disclosure: FareCompare has not yet tried it but we’d love to hear from flyers who have.

Q: Where is this free WiFi?

  • A: All of JetBlue’s Airbus planes (both A321s and A320s) now have Fly-Fi; the airline’s Embraer E190 planes will reportedly be equipped by the middle of next year.

Q: Who else has free Wifi?

  • A: According to Virgin America, it has begun “installing ViaSat’s satellite-based in-flight internet service on our 10 new delivery A320 aircraft” and it is free but only temporarily (through March of 2016).

Q: JetBlue’s WiFi is totally free, right?

  • A: The basic Fly-Fi service is free and you get a lot: the ability to surf the net, stream videos, watch MLB games live, check email, use social networks. However, its premium service called Fly-Fi+ – which allows you to access transfer large files, access VPN and cloud storage, download audio and video and more – costs $9 an hour.

Q: Is this supposed to make us forget JetBlue just added a bag fee?

  • A: Probably not, but still, it’s a very nice perk.


Updated: October 28, 2015