JetBlue to Add First Class Service on Cross-Country Flights in 2014

JetBlue, the popular low-cost carrier with a single class will be changing next year as the New York-based airline introduces “transcontinental premium service.” Translation: Roomy, lie-flat seats on some coast-to-coast flights. To see what this will look like, check out the video below.

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JetBlue Seeks Business Travelers

The new premium service which could begin as early as next April will allow JetBlue to grab more of the lucrative business travel market, prized for its willingness to pay more. However the airline says it won’t charge that much more. According to a press release, JetBlue CEO Dave Barger says, “Transcontinental routes have had high premium fares we believe we can beat.” The premium class will be offered aboard the carrier’s new Airbus A321 planes, on New York – Los Angeles flights as well as New York – San Francisco routes.

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JetBlue’s Home Delivery Service for Bags

The airline has already taken other steps to please road warriors with a baggage delivery service. Some legacy carriers including United already offer this service – which allows travelers to skip the bag carousel and get luggage delivered directly to home, office or hotel – but JetBlue’s service is about five bucks cheaper per delivery.

JetBlue – Popular with Economy Travelers

Besides its low prices – which are often featured in FareCompare’s Deals Blog – JetBlue is popular with coach passengers because it’s one of only two airlines that provides free checked-bags (Southwest is the other). The airline also provides a seatback screen for all passengers.

To see what JetBlue’s new premium class looks like, skip ahead to :59:

Introducing JetBlue New Interior Design from JetBlue on Vimeo.


Published: August 6, 2013