JetBlue, Spirit Airlines on Consumer Reports’ Naughty & Nice List

Two airlines made the annual Consumer Reports list of Naughty & Nice companies and both are discount carriers: JetBlue and Spirit. If you fly much, you won’t be surprised which airline was the Scrooge and which was Santa.

JetBlue – Nice

New York-based JetBlue made the nice list because of its generous price-change policy. As Consumer Reports puts it:

“If you notice a fare drop for your flight within 14 days of booking, you can call the airline (800-538-2583) and receive a JetBlue credit of the difference in fare. If you notice a lower fare 15 days or more after booking, JetBlue will issue a credit for the difference minus $75.” –Consumer Reports

Note: CR said it had one ‘nitpick’ – it wished the airline would promote this on its website. What they don’t mention is that the airline will begin charging for all checked-bags next year. At the moment, a first checked-bag is still free – but not for long.

Spirit – Naughty

The Florida-based carrier was dinged for a new holiday fee hike which FareCompare reported on earlier this week. Here’s what Consumer Reports had to say about it:

“The low-priced carrier, which famously nickels and dimes passengers for everything aside from the basic ticket, has hiked baggage fees by $2 per bag for the holiday season. They characterize the fee as ‘temporary.’ Humbug!” –Consumer Reports

Note: CR did not mention this, but we will – Spirit does allow passengers to bring a small carry-on aboard for free if it can be placed under the seat in front of you.

Other Companies on Naughty & Nice List

Other “naughty” companies include AT&T, Marriott, Victoria’s Secret, Yelp and more. The “nice” list include CVS, Starbucks, Tesla Motors, UPS and more. See why, and see the entire list here.


Updated: December 4, 2014