JetBlue Flight Attendant Jumps from Plane via Inflatable Slide and Other Famous Exits

This may be every flight attendant’s fantasy, but 38 year old Steven Slater (allegedly) actually lived it.

Flight Attendant and Air Rage

The JetBlue flight from Pittsburgh landed at JFK when flight attendant Slater reportedly got into an argument with a passenger; bad words were exchanged – apparently, very bad according to these tweets from a man who was a passenger on the plane and witnessed the whole thing:

  • “One of the flight attendants dropped an F-bomb on a passenger over the intercom. That’s a new one.”
  • “Pissed-off lady demanded her bag, swore at FA. The FA swore back, quit job, left plane via emergency slide.”

Slater, according to news reports, exited the plane on the slide with beer in hand – an exit marred somewhat by his later arrest at his New York area home. So where were all those ex-cops and firefighters among the JetBlue flight attendants – shouldn’t they have put a stop to this?

Keep reading for the most famous exits of all time, after the video.

Other Famous Exits

Anyway, it got me to thinking about famous exits. Here’s a few I came up with (and please, let me know your favorites):

  • Ellen DeGeneres exits American Idol, but does so nicely; no drama. Ho-hum.
  • Anne Rice exits Christianity, with some drama; however, 15 minutes later, the buzz moves on.
  • The Colts exit Baltimore in the middle of the night back in 1984; now we’re getting somewhere – an entire city is angry.
  • Nixon exits the presidency, while the whole world watches -Ã? 36 years ago this week. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than this.

Eighteen Straight Whiskies

However, the best exit ever is the one made by writer Dylan Thomas; after “socializing” in New York’s White Horse Tavern he is said to have uttered this immortal exit line:

  • I’ve had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that’s the record .” Dylan Thomas, 1953

A few days later, Thomas was dead. Meanwhile, back to the flight attendant – or is it former flight attendant? If Mr. Slater cares to comment, we’re all ears.




Published: August 10, 2010