JetBlue Sliding Flight Attendant No Longer with Airline

Flight Attendant Out at JetBlue

You remember Steven Slater.

He’s the JetBlue flight attendant who slid to fame (or was it infamy?) as he allegedly exited his airplane via the emergency chute, beer in hand. In short order, he became a folk hero to some fliers and a Facebook favorite.

Did Flight Attendant Jump? Or Was He Pushed?

At last report, we heard he wanted to keep working for JetBlue – but apparently that is not to be. According to news reports, Slater no longer works for the airline. JetBlue would only say he’s gone; Slater’s attorney says his client resigned. Whatever – if you see him on your next JetBlue flight, presumably he’ll be just another guy stuck in a middle seat.

So – not much of a Labor Day for the unorthodox exiter – and we have no information on his future plans.

No Dancing with the Stars

We do know Slater won’t be on “Dancing with the Stars”. His exciting moves would have made him a natural, but, alas, he is not in the latest line-up of “stars” (while David Hasselhoff is – go figure).

Of course, the former flight attendant might not have a lot of time for rehearsing. He does have a court appearance in connection with the alleged “air rage” incident this week (Slater has pleaded not guilty to the charges).

Meantime – we hope the rest of you have a Happy Labor Day. And may all your flights be drama-free.


Published: September 6, 2010