JetBlue Claims Top Spot on Flights to Puerto Rico

JetBlue and Flights to Puerto Rico

JetBlue is now the number one airline to Puerto Rico, if you make that call based on sheer air traffic. Not so long ago, American Airlines led the pack, but times have changed. The airlines have changed with them by cutting seat capacity to ensure full planes and fewer non-revenue producing seats.

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Take a look at these charts I put together comparing the number of seats flown to Puerto Rico in July of 2008 and for July of this year; the data comes from FareCompare’s vast store of both historical and current airfare data:

American Drops 62% of Seats

Three years ago, American flew almost 50,000 seats a week to Puerto Rico, but since then the carrier has cut capacity by a whopping 62%; it now flies a little over 18,000 seats for the week. A big change, but then JetBlue has been trying to make up for it.

JetBlue Doubles Seats to Puerto Rico

The popular discount carrier based in New York has nearly doubled its seat capacity to Puerto Rico, zooming from 16,800 seats per week in July 2008 to nearly 33,000 seats per week this summer, nearly doubling its capacity. And while AirTran is in third place, it is coming on strong with 11,500 seats per week.

Attention Caribbean Travelers

If you will be traveling to San Juan this summer, or connecting through San Juan to other parts of the Caribbean, do not be surprised if you find yourself on a JetBlue flight.


Published: June 22, 2011