JetBlue Apologizes to Trapped on Tarmac Passengers, Issues Vouchers

JetBlue has finally said an official “We’re sorry” to those passengers who were diverted to Bradley International near Hartford over the weekend, then forced to remain on the planes for hours in sometimes nightmarish conditions.

JetBlue’s Apology

JetBlue Chief Operating Officer Rob Maruster has a video on the airline’s site in which he says:

  • “We know we let some of you down over the course of this weekend and for that we are truly sorry.”

The airline executive goes on to say the carrier will do everything it can to prevent this from happening ever again. Of course, the potential fines that could be levied against JetBlue by the Department of Transportation for violation of the “3 Hour Rule” may have something to do with that, too, as those could run into the millions of dollars.

Vouchers for Passengers

Meanwhile, a JetBlue corporate communications spokesperson told FareCompare that the affected passengers will receive vouchers in the value of their round-trip fares as well as a full refund.”

It should be noted that the problems experienced by JetBlue and other airlines over the weekend had multiple causes, and the freakishly early storm did hit Connecticut particularly hard. As of Tuesday morning, more than half a million people in the state were still without power.


Published: November 1, 2011