Japan Airlines Announces 3 New Cities for Dreamliner Flights

Japan Airlines, better known as JAL, has announced that it will fly the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes it takes possession of in the coming year to these three cities: Moscow (from Tokyo’s Narita Airport), New Delhi (also from Narita) and Beijing (from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport).

Beijing Airport Poised to Leap over Atlanta as World’s Busiest

JAL Will Also Fly Dreamliner to Boston

Previously, JAL had announced it would fly one of its new Dreamliners from Narita to Boston beginning in April 2012. The airline has already ordered 35 of the new planes and it had expected to have them in the air much earlier but various production delays and other setbacks pushed back delivery dates by three years.

JAL won’t be the first carrier to fly the Dreamliner. Longtime rival ANA (All Nippon Airways) flew the first commercial flight of a 787 from Tokyo to Hong Kong in October.

Inaugural Flight of the Dreamliner

Dreamliner Passenger Amenities

Other Dreamliner amenities include what is said to be “soothing” lighting, larger windows and more overhead bin space. It also features air pressure and humidity levels that are nearer to ground levels which is seen as an edge for passengers in avoiding jet lag on long haul flights.

Airlines love the plane’s structure – mostly lightweight carbon composites – which make the aircraft as much as 20 percent more fuel efficient than traditional aluminum planes.


Published: December 8, 2011