Jamaica Visitors will Soon Pay Higher Airfare, Hotel Taxes

Starting Aug. 1, a new ‘arrival tax’ of $20 goes into effect for air travelers to Jamaica. In some cases, this will counterbalance the typical airfare price drop of the late summer travel season.

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Jamaica Airfare Taxed on Arrivals and Departures

This new tax is in addition to the ‘old’ $20 arrival tax which was added last fall – as well as the already-in-place $20 departure tax – meaning, the island nation gets visitors coming and going, whether they fly into Montego Bay or Kingston.

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The new tax will not be collected separately; it will simply be rolled into the cost of the airline ticket. The same is true for new hotel taxes which will be rolled into the cost of the room.

Hotel Taxes to Rise in Sept.

Beginning on Sept. 1, a $4 per room tax will be added for hotels with 100 rooms or more, while small lodging places will be taxed from $1 to $2.

A media report quotes a Jamaica tourism official as calling the new taxes a ‘win-win’ for the country; much of the tax money will be used to promote the island to visitors.

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Published: July 5, 2012