Ireland May Become Hot Destination for 100th Titanic Anniversary

Director James Cameron wasn’t the only one who saw gold in the demise of the Titanic. The city of Belfast in Northern Ireland is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the great ship’s one-and-only voyage with a beautiful new waterfront development and exhibition about the then-largest ocean liner ever built, which it hopes will bring in tourists from near and far.

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Titanic Exhibition Opens March 31 in Belfast

Why Belfast? That’s where the huge vessel was built, starting back in 1909 (it’s hull was launched in 1911) and all went well until it ran across that iceberg on the evening of April 14, 1912. It sank the next day, taking 1,500 passengers and crew with it.

Interest in the doomed ship has never flagged and Belfast is taking full advantage of the anniversary with a dazzling array of exhibits detailing the Titanic’s luxuries, the myths and legends surround its sinking, and visitors are even invited to “explore the wreck of the Titanic.”

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The exhibition opens March 31, but tickets are on sale now online.

Airfare Deals to Dublin and London

So far, we have not yet seen any airfare sales taking specific advantage of the Titanic anniversary, but we have seen some very good deals to the British Isles and Ireland. Delta, for example, is currently offering a special airfare sale on flights from New York to London and Dublin (which is only about 100 miles south of Belfast).

In general, flights to Europe are cheapest for during the midweek, and sometimes on Sundays.


Updated: February 9, 2016