Iowa Caucus Travelers Don't Snarl Des Moines Airport as Feared

Extra staffing and a lot of pre-planning meant few problems this morning at Des Moines International Airport (DSM) despite crowds of political campaign workers, media and partisan travelers departing from the arena of the Iowa caucus to head to the next big contest in New Hampshire.

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One Candidate Flies Commercial Airline

As the Des Moines Register reported, airport manager Kevin Foley said, “It’s gone exceptionally well” this morning, despite expectations of a 50 percent increase in crowds.

Presumably the crowds did not include Iowa frontrunner Mitt Romney who flies charter aircraft as does 3rd-place finisher Ron Paul (at least from time to time), although the Register said runner-up Rick Santorum – behind Romney by a mere eight votes – flew an unnamed commercial airliner (in a middle seat, no less!) out of Iowa.

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Airport Dog Enjoyed Iowa ‘Disneyland’

The airport welcomed what travelers were there by offering cookies to those waiting at gates, but most were apparently more interested in just getting on their way. One exception was the airport police dog Ives, who reportedly enjoyed all the new bags to sniff. As the canine’s handler said, “This is like Disneyland for a dog.” Presumably for the winning candidates as well.


Published: January 4, 2012