If Airlines Got Emmys: Yet Another Best/Worst List

Goodness knows we’ve covered airline rankings before – lists that include government figures and popular choices – with the usual suspects winning time and time again, namely JetBlue and Virgin America. This following list from Business Insider however is a little different. It combines consumer-oriented judgements (from J.D. Power & Associates) plus government on-time statistics.

Emmys for Airlines

With apologies to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which puts on the Emmy Awards, we provide the rank with our own whimsical titles based on nominated and winning TV shows.

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9. American – Between 30 Rock and a Hard Place

Not a good year what with bankruptcy and the Department of Justice’s objections to its merger with US Airways (see no. 7) but the main problem here seems to be the carrier’s low popularity rating.

8. United – Big Bang Theory of Fares

Didn’t do so well in terms of inflight experience or timeliness but the title refers to a more recent snafu – it’s unintentional nearly-free ticket giveaway.

7. US Airways – Modern Family

The title refers to many modern families, as in fractured. Will the merger go through or not?

6. Frontier – Dancing with the Stars

Well, maybe not stars but there was plenty of dancing in the aisles during one Frontier flight earlier this year (and we’ve got the video).

5. JetBlue – Homeland Favorite

It’s somewhat surprising that this popular airline didn’t do better but apparently its on-time figures could have been better (but then again, the carrier is based out of often-delayed New York).

4. AirTran – House of Cards

Southwest is taking its time implementing a complete merger with AirTran leaving passengers to wonder: What will happen to AirTran city’s and routes, and what about bag fees? For much of the time though these two carriers continue to play solitaire.

3. Delta – The Colbert of Carriers

This airline is finally getting some more respect by breaking away from the pack of other legacy carriers and ranking high on this list, thanks to excellent on-time reports.

2. Southwest – Veep for Now

Second place isn’t a bad place. And “bags fly free” may be the most popular airline slogan of all in this era of fees.

1. Alaska Airlines – Breaking Good

What’s good about Alaska? BI cites excellent customer service, the best national on-time score and “great booze.”


Published: September 23, 2013