Ice Storms Cancel Dallas Flights, Affect Others: What to Do

USA Today reports that since Saturday more than 4,000 flights have been canceled across the nation but the Dallas area is currently bearing the brunt of this.

Stuck in the airport? Know your rights.

Where Flights are Canceled

According to FlightStats, both DFW and DAL (Love Field) are reporting ‘excessive’ delays, and this difficult situation may be affecting flights in other parts of the country. Airports in Atlanta, Chicago, the New York City area and Washington, D.C. (plus a few others) are all reporting moderate delays but the situation is fluid and it could change, possibly for the worse.

What to Do

If you’re scheduled to fly, the first thing to do is get in touch with your airline. Many will be waiving their expensive change fees if you decide to book another flight. Caution: The airline may pro-actively book you on another flight that may not work for you, so be sure to get in touch.

  • If you’re at the airport, get in line for a gate agent and get on the phone.
  • Search for alternative flights yourself; it could make re-booking go aster and save valuable time.
  • Looking for a shorter line? Try getting into a VIP lounge.

Suggestion: If you can’t get where you need to go, try flying out of your airport to a hub city that is not experiencing delays, then making your way to your ultimate destination from there. It sounds counter-intuitive to fly in a different direction from where you need to go but it could be the fastest way out.


Updated: February 23, 2015