Hurricane Arthur Could Delay East Coast Flights

News reports say Hurricane Arthur is now making its way up the East Coast which could cause problems for Fourth of July travelers but as of this morning (July 3), the only delays seen by FlightStats are the usual suspects – New York area airports – where current conditions show partly cloudy skies. This of course can change quickly.

What Airlines are Doing

Several airlines (see the list below) are pro-actively allowing travelers to change flights without paying the expensive change fee (up to $200). This is a good deal; consider taking advantage of it.

What You Can Do

If you haven’t already done so, go to your airline’s site and do the following:

  • Be sure your carrier has contact information for you (and be sure it’s correct)
  • Sign up for alert and/or advisories, in case this is not automatic
  • Follow your airline on Twitter

Remember, the key to getting the flight you want in the event of delays or cancelations is being first to contact your airline – in person at the airport, via phone or social media.

Here is the latest information on what airlines are doing about Hurricane Arthur but please note that this information will likely be updated frequently if warranted.


Published: July 3, 2014