How to Save Money on the Most Expensive New Year's Destinations

If you plan to celebrate the New Year with an out-of-town trip, here is some news you should know about the high cost of hotel rooms. But we don’t stop there – see our tips to save you money plus the cheapest destinations, below.

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Miami is Number One

According to a new survey on expensive hotel rooms for Dec. 31 (and these are not budget motels, each has earned at least 3-stars), the biggest wallet-busting destination is Miami, followed by New York. Here are the top ten according to Note that the average 3-star room prices follow the city name. Bonus: These include some great beach and ski destinations:

1. Miami Beach – $360
2. New York City – $354
3. Charleston – $339
4. Honolulu – $295
5. Nashville – $239
6. Atlantic City – $234
7. Denver – $229
8. Los Angeles – $228
9. San Francisco – $219
10. Las Vegas – $215

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Cheaper New Year’s Destinations

A great way to save? Where you go matters. If it’s not too late, try to get to one of these cheapest hotel destinations – cheapest, per the survey. These cities also include great beach and ski destinations.

10. San Diego – $152
9. Philadelphia – $149
8. San Antonio – $135
7. Houston – $119
6. Baltimore – $118
5. Chicago – $107
4. Washington, D.C. – $109
3. Orlando – $101
2. Indianapolis – $100
1. Salt Lake City – $79

More Ways to Save on New Year’s Trips

Some of these tips will seem obvious, some less so. They can save you a bundle.

  • Save on flights: We hope you have your flight by now, but if not here are some tips. If your trip is a short haul between major hubs with lots of flights, you’ll save big (and examples include flights between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Dallas and Houston, Washington, D.C. and Boston).
  • Save on fees: Use a carry-on and skip the $50 round-trip baggage fee (unless you’re flying Spirit where it may actually be cheaper to check your bag).
  • Save on hotels: Who says you have to stay in three-star lodgings? Check out budget motels or hotels a little further from the city center or smaller B&Bs (and yes, this is the night to take a taxi, public transportation or use a designated sober driver). Who knows? The party may last longer than the time you’ll spend in your room.
  • Friends and family: Got friends or family members in your party town of choice? Ask to bunk with them – and don’t forget to invite them to the celebration.



Published: December 30, 2013