How to Fly Like a Celebrity

Maybe you’ve heard about “secret airport tunnels” and other methods celebrities supposedly use to avoid the paparazzi while traveling, but did you know you too can travel like a movie star?

For a fee of course. But it won’t cost all that much. [See air travel expert Rick Seaney explain in the video below]

You’ll be shocked how many celebs fly this airline

How Celebrities Fly

Yes, celebrities are different from you and me. They have publicists and managers – and travel agents. And those agents are plugged into airline representatives who help smooth the way. As air travel expert Rick Seaney says, “Remember, even the airlines and the TSA get star-struck from time to time.”

What this means is a lot of figurative hand-holding including airline escorts and sometimes special security and boarding line privileges, “the kind reserved for vendors or pilots,” notes Seaney. The airlines make a good case for such access because it means less disruption for the rest of us (think of all those photographers). Of course plenty of celebrities bypass the airport altogether with private jets.

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How You Can Travel Like a Celebrity

No need to don oversize sunglasses and hang out at Los Angeles International (the one airport that’s always teeming with paparazzi). There are a number of things you can do. Two of the more expensive options:

  • Travel a lot to qualify as an elite. Earn enough miles in your frequent flyer program and you will be entitled to all kinds of perks.
  • Sign up for a concierge-type program. One of the better known is American’s 5 Star Service which the airline touts as “discreet and exclusive.” For a cost of $125 to $200 per adult (price depends on the airport), you get an escort starting at curbside who will whisk you through check-in and an expedited security line, plus access to the VIP lounge and delivery to your gate.

If that’s too rich for you, try these cheaper fee-based options:

  • Cut-in-line service: Several airlines offer early boarding ranging from $12 to $40 or so, and you may qualify for the TSA’s PreCheck faster security experience for free.
  • VIP lounge pass: Many airlines offer day passes to their lounges for as little as $25 to $50 or so.

Watch Rick Seaney tell Gerri Willis how we can all fly like movie stars:

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Updated: November 16, 2015