Hotels to Pay Airline Bag Fees – Wave of the Future?

Hotels to Pay Airline Bag Fees – We Like This!

You’ve probably heard this one by now: the IHG-branded hotels group, which is home to Holiday Inn, Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Candlewood Suites and more chains – is offering to pay your airline bag fees if you stay with them through Dec. 30.

What’s the Catch?

There are some slight catches to this bag fee deal:

For one thing, it doesn’t really work for business travelers, since you have to book “two consecutive weekend nights”; you also have to pay for your room with a Visa card; and you have to fill out an application to get reimbursed for the bag fees.

Find a Great Flight Now from Your Airport, With/Without Bag Fees

Plus, you don’t get cash back – you get a Visa PrePaid Card (so watch those expiration dates).

However, you do get your choice of staying in any of IHG’s 4,500+ hotel around the world, so it’s not like you’re lacking for vacation destination ideas.

Bag Fee Reminbursements of the Future (Maybe)

Would this make you stay at an IHG hotel? It would make me think about it, for sure.

But the real question is: will others jump on the “we’ll-pay-your-bag-fees” bandwagon? Depends on how it works out with the Holiday Inns, but – I’ve got a good imagination.

I can see it now…someday…maybe… [cue dreamy music and wavy on-screen SPFX]

  • Visit Mickey at Disneyworld – 2 day ticket for a 10 year old, $162 – but bags are free!
  • Dine at Per Se in NYC – Chef’s Tasting Menu, Prix Fixe $275 – but get a free bag!
  • See the Hollywood Sign in LA – oh, never mind, that’s free, pay for your own bags…

Next step: get someone to pay for those horrendous $150 airline itinerary change fees.

Holiday Inn photo by Shazron on Flickr


Published: August 24, 2010